The skill every UXR should learn

The skill every UXR should learn

Spring is in full swing already! As days go longer and warmer, many things start to bloom. New conferences, events and ideas all over the place! So much going on this month!


I'm delighted to announce the launch of the From Finders to Builders Discord Community!

After months of toying with the idea, I decided to take the leap and get started with the first community for first UXRs and UXR teams-of-one! This is a place to get together, exchange tips, ideas, anecdotes and even vent!

Plus, this is the companion community for the F2B podcast so they will both be deeply interwined. Live episode recordings, events and more!

The 50 free tickets are gone, but you can still get your seat!

Find out more in the link below:

From Finders to Builders Discord Community
A community for 1st UXRs to get together, exchange tips, discuss ideas and sometimes even vent.There will be monthly events with occasional guests, async AMA, monthly coffees and maybe even live podcast recordings.This is the companion community to the podcast From Finders to Builders, hosted by Jul…

Episode of the Week

Facilitation: the skill every UXR should learn

Ever feel some projects simply get stuck? Yeap, been there too. That's why, on the latest episode of From Finders to Builders, I was pumped to share my story about how workshop facilitation totally changed my game.

Let me tell you, this facilitation thing wasn't just a secret weapon, it helped me immensely in the transition from product management to UX! It turns out, even a few basic facilitation skills can supercharge teamwork and unlock collaboration.

Workshops are crazy versatile, they can cover from kicking off projects to looking back on what worked (and what didn't!), to figuring out the big picture strategy. Workshops get everyone on the same page, fast, and make those "aha!" moments stick. Check out the whole episode here:

Or on Spotify:

Community Corner

Speaking of research facilitation, how can you use workshops to activate your research findings?

Check out this article by Maria Lizarazo on how to make the most out of your output using workshops.

Internal alignment workshops or how to make research findings actionable
What can we as Researchers do to make our insights actionable? How an experiential approach positions researchers for success in product.

When you're the only UXR or your team is rather small, you must be deliberate when deciding your role for a study.

In this article, Dawn Ta explores how you should best use your UXR resources.

UX Research Role Framework
A strategic and adaptable decision framework for optimizing impact

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