One of the things I enjoy the most is sharing my thoughts and experiences with others. In the last 4 years, I've been lucky enough to take part in many events about research and UX.

Below there is a comprehensive yet incomplete list of my media appearances in podcasts, talks and conferences.

Are you interested in having me in your event or podcast?

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2024 - Understanding Users: The UX Podcast

2024 - UXR Minds Podcast

2023 - Condens Event

2023 - Amuse Conference Budapest

2023 - Digital Leadership Decoded Videopodcast

2023 - Rally AMA

2023 - UXDX Community Event

2023 - UX Research Geeks Podcast

2023 - UXBS Videopodcast (In Spanish)

2022 - The Optimal Path Podcast

2022 - La Suma de Design Ops Videopodcast (In Spanish)

2022 - UXBS Podcast (In Spanish)

2020 - HeroCamp - Glovo Masterclass (In Spanish)

2020 HeroCamp - UX Mythbusters (In Spanish)