From Finders to Builders

A blog for first UXRs and teams-of-one on on how to build a research practice from scratch.

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From Finders to Builders

What is this space about?

Conducting research is one thing. Building a research practice is another. It requires a very different set of skills and knowledge. One requires a Finder, the other calls for a Builder.

1 out of 3 new UXR roles are the first ones in a company and many folks, despite being pros in conducting research, struggle when having to build the infrastructure they neeed. That's why this space exists.

I will be sharing stories, tips and thoughts on how to build a research practice from scratch, as well as other things UXR and ReOps related.

There's no set cadence and there's definitely going to be many guests.

Join me in this journey as we go from Finders to Builders!

πŸ‘‹ Hey! I'm Julian

I'm a UX Researcher specialized in Research Operations (ReOps), founder of the180 and based in Barcelona, Spain.

Whether in-house or working with clients, I repeatedly found myself building Research teams from scratch as the first Researcher in the team.

This experience helped me develop a real knack for infrastructure, so I decided to fully specialize myself in ReOps. I like to talk about this as my switch "from Finder to Builder".

If you are going through the amazing journey of building a research practice from scratch, join me as I share tips, thoughts and anecdotes on UX Research and Research Operations.

The time of the builders has come!

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πŸ‘‹ Hey! I'm Julian
From Finders to Builders